Thoughtful Design for Small Businesses

Beautiful design can impact your business for the better. It can increase your income, eliminate the overwhelm, and free you from comparison. I would love to help you achieve all of this and more.

I believe that designing for your business is more than just sending you pretty files—it's the inevitable attracion of your ideal clients because our design decisions are based on research. It's giving you the confidence to know how you stand out in your industry. And it's creating a brand that clearly communicates your value, so you can stop questioning your prices.

If working with me sounds like a great fit for you, please get in touch.

Branding, Website Design, & More

I am here to listen to your heart, to invest in your success, and to help you create the business you are envisioning—with more joy and less stress. And I believe that a beautiful brand can make that happen. Plus lots of heart-to-hearts over coffee! (Because who doesn't love a great latte?)

I work with you—makers, photographers, coffee shop owners, creatives—to elevate your business positioning through thoughtful design and art direction. When each design decision is carefully considered, we ensure that your goals are being achieved.

If you're ready to invest in branding for your business, review my services and then get in touch!

Founder & Designer, Jennifer Gividen

Pine begain in the fall of 2015 by Jennifer Gividen, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jennifer is a graphic designer who works to create minimal, beautiful solutions for passionate creatives and makers. Her focus is to create a breath of fresh air in a world filled with clutter, through a simplified process that eliminates the overwhelm. Jennifer's knowledge of front-end web development and natural inclination to film photography allows her to offer a holistic approach to the needs of her clients.

She is inspired by slow living and purposeful past times, often dabbling in a selection of hobbies including coffee-making and geneaology. Jennifer believes that less is always more, and encourages everyone to never stop learning. When she isn't on the computer designing or reading articles, you can find her entertaining her fluffy, white cat Theodore and spending time with her husband and family.